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Leeds Digital Festival - Product Discovery

Leeds Digital Festival is an annual, open, and collaborative festival with over 200 separate events hosted across the city. It brings together the best and brightest tech companies from Leeds to showcase the region’s dynamic digital sector.

This year we hosted our own event, centred around the broad topic of product discovery. It’s a topic we’re obviously very passionate about and a concept we often see organisations struggle with, regardless of their product maturity.

Below, you can find the videos from each of the three presentation.

Thank you to everyone who came along. It was a fantastic event and we were glad we could contribute towards the festival and Leeds’ burgeoning tech scene. We’re already looking forward to next years’ festival!

Talk 1: Product discovery 101 👨‍🏫

First up we had Hyperact co-founder and design lead, Sam, providing a product discovery 101. In his talk he explained what discovery is, the different types, what’s involved, and why it’s important.

Talk 2: Making product discovery and continuous delivery work together 🔀

Next, we had Anna, from Leeds-based transformation consultancy T5, talking about the practicalities of integrating continuous discovery with continuous delivery.

Talk 3: How to avoid 10 common product discovery traps 🪤

Finally, our co-founder and product lead, Dave, shared 10 common pitfalls of product discovery, and how to avoid them.