Don’t let your own capacity get in the way of scaling up and achieving your goals by augmenting your team with product experts.

Duration: 12 weeks +

Team: 1 person +

Team augmentation is an effective strategy to ramp up your product teams or bridge your skills gaps. Whether you’re short on skills, capacity, or time, we provide highly experienced product, engineering, and design consultants that are used to working within agile, cross-functional, product teams. Not only can they help fill a gap while you recruit, they can also use their skills and experience to help upskill and coach the team around them and, if needed, their replacement. Success for us is when our team is indistinguishable from yours. Our consultants are fully dedicated to your mission and enabling your team’s success.

  • Accelerate your roadmap
  • Scale up and down efficiently to meet demand
  • Bridge skills gaps while you hire
  • Bring in external expertise
  • Upskill your teams
  • Reduce recruitment and opportunity costs


1. Define the requirement

We work with you to quickly ascertain the requirements for each role.

What hard skills does the candidate need? What soft skills? What experience is desirable? Do they need any specific security clearance? What will they be working on? How long do you need them for?

2. Select candidates

We then use the requirements to provide you with a shortlist of candidates that can fulfil the role, before lining up an interview and/or technical tests.

3. Onboard

When you are happy with a chosen candidate, we then arrange their onboarding process within two weeks.

4. Measure

We provide a dedicated account director and facilitate feedback on a monthly basis to make sure you’re happy with how our consultants are performing.

When you no longer need our consultants, we will work with you to understand if you’d like to rotate them onto a different challenge, or off-board them, ensuring an effective handover as part of the process.

How we work with you

Badges at the door

We leave our badges at the door and fully commit to helping you achieve your goals, whatever they might be.


We provide highly experienced, pragmatic consultants who are used to working in lots of different organisations of varying degrees of product maturity.


Our team augmentation model is highly flexible, allowing you to ramp up and ramp down quickly to meet your demands.

Plug gaps in your teams with exceptional practicioners

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